So disappointed that Gowanus Night Heron has been put on hold, but excited for when we finally do take flight when the spectre of COVID-19 has vanished.

Incredibly grateful for my artist-collaborators...
Kasia Zurek-Doule
Miska Draskoczy

talented artists...
Bill Bowen
Diego Briceno
Ari Eschoo
Niklas Ramo
Arden Sudyam
Tamara Staples
Brad Vogel
Gary Francis
K Haskell
Rich Garr
Nikola Bradonjic
Jovana Obradovic
Valeria Divinorum
Flavia Bertorello
Jessica Dalrymple

our generous host...
Rabbit Movers

and food/beverage purveyor...
Lavender Lake

who believed in the idea helped bring it to life. Rest assured, Gowanus Night Heron WILL take flight! Stay tuned.