This Corrosion

In the ongoing series This Corrosion, I explore themes of impermanence and transformation, capturing on paper the interactions between iron, water, and time. Often associated with neglect, weakness and danger, rust and corrosion are celebrated here for their promise—the eventual disintegration of the whole that is necessary for change.

Stray bristles from mechanical street sweepers and leavings from construction sites—the cast-off and the useless—constitute the raw material from which this series is born. The stains, marks and textures are the result of electrochemical processes catalyzed by repeated application of salt solutions and household acids to the street detritus that rests upon, or is pressed between, sheets of printmaking paper. The images emerge over days and weeks, with gravity, humidity, and rate of evaporation defining the colors and textures. The hydrophilic quality of salt ensures that the works are never truly finished. Despite being treated with fixative, the salt and paper continue to absorb and 
release water from the air, resulting in a subtly and slowly changing surface.

Existing somewhere between drawings and prints (and in some cases, low-relief sculpture), each work seeks to reframe destructive moments as sources of unexpected beauty and possibility.

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