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Through clay, I combine my love of urban ecology with making and exploring. What you see here are some of the more successful experiments with surface and form. I hope you enjoy them.


I spend much of my time studying sidewalks, asphalt, buildings, stairs, and walls. I'm inspired by moments that reveal the infrastructure of the city softening, and giving way to time, wear, and the natural processes that govern us all. The indelible fingerprints we've left on the world, even these eventually transform into something new and beautiful—an unintended collaboration between humankind and that which we try to control.


All of my work begins as a slab.

I rarely work from sketches.

My favorite tools are oxides, accidents, textures, and chance.

Every piece is a learning experience.

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with gratitude and love to adrienne yurick and the community of potters at Third Avenue Clay who helped me find my way back to clay.